"Three Idiots, Two Bikes and 1000km."

Stage Stats

Distance 1585.1 km
Time 69 hours 46 mins over 11 days
Elevation 17108m
Pain Factor 11/10

Ok whose stupid idea was this ?. There are perfectly good trains, planes and automobiles that will get you from one end of the country to the other (well maybe not planes and trains to John O'Groats). What is this obsession with using a human powered contraption to propel oneself from the top right hand side of this island down to the bottom left ? (John O'Groats to Lands End - JOGLE) or the other way if you like (LEJOG.. Oooh sounds very French).

The only way to find out why people do this sort of crazyness is to do it youself. So the idiots assembled - Little brother "Paul" of the "Cobblers Bottoms" and our driver Jimbo, who would double up as support car. Over a few weeks in March a complex plan was hatched. Basically this came down to, stick the bikes on the roof of the car, drive north until the land runs out, cycle south until the land runs out. Details like places to stay and other minor issues, we would just sort out along the route.


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