On my way: First 26.62 km down

A Coast to Coast Walk - Alfred Wainwright's classic walk across Northern England


So this week I have run 26.62km.

Starting the journey off at St Bees and ending at Ennerdale bridge.

St Bees is where the journey began. Virtually leaving the village on the western coast of Cumbria. The beautiful sandy long beaches are popular for people holidaying. It is also said that an Irish nun, St. Bega, was shipwrecked here in the ninth century. If you would like to learn more about the name and heritage of this place, I will leave a link at the bottom. It is super interesting and explains how St. Bees was named after the Irish princess.

Ennerdale bridge is a small village in Cumbria which  is situated on a winding road that leads from Cleator Moor to Ennerdale Water. The area surrounding the valley contains one of the largest forests in Cumbria.Obviously an important thing to note is that this village contains two pubs 🙂

All jokes aside. The village also contains a church which was built on the site of a medieval chapel between 1856 and 1858.

ennerdale village

Here is some extra information on St bees: 

And the naming of it.

Here is some extra information of Ennerdale Bridge

Here is a rough outline of the route I will be following:

Virtual walk UK coast to coast Wainwright footpath

For my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award,  I am virtually running 293km, coast to coast along the Wainwright footpath. My aim is to raise 586 pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support, 2 pounds per kilometre.

Macmillan Cancer Support are a fantastic charity who took great care of my Grandad in his final months. My Grandad was so amazing, even when we woke him up at 7 in the morning for stories. He was so caring and spent so much time playing princess memory games, board games, card games and more. I feel like by spending my time helping the people who looked after my Grandad when he got sick, will be my way of showing my thanks to him because I can’t actually tell him that anymore.

I will be updating this site every week, my aim is to run 25km a week. I will be giving some background info on the places I visit as well. Then I will also make a scrapbook to give to Macmillan recounting my journey.

Here is the link to the Just Giving website where you can donate.

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