Back on 2 wheels.

Well, the bike is all up and running, some nice new tires and a couple of new inner tubes. Cleaned and re greased chain, gears are all re-adjusted and some nice new brake blocks. After being used for the daily commute all last year it just picks up the usual on-going faults that bikes get. Took it out for a gentle 1 hour ride just to make sure everything is running ok. 1st puncture after 1.3 miles. (I don’t know what they mix with that salt that they spread all over the road but its like needles.)  Sitting by the side of the road fixing the puncture in my nice new tire. The clouds look a bit dark, (and looking back I should have taken that as a warning) I press on for some more miles as it starts to rain on me. Coming off a roundabout the front wheel kicks out a bit and I notice its now flat. Sigh… puncture number 2. Another break to fix the wheel and we are up and running again and  its at this point my pump packs up. (grit or salt inside it I am guessing). I am forced to change my route and limp the bike to a local bike shop where I pick up a new inner tube and a replacement pump. by this time its snowing. With a total of about only 15 miles covered, I call it a right off and head home as its now starting to get dark. Chalk this ride up as a nightmare…. they happen but I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

So its official I am riding London 2013

So I did not get my ballot place for the event, BUT I did get my charity slot and i am riding for the excellent mental health charity “Mind I am the now the owner of a “Ridelondon” cycle top. I don’t think I will be wearing it much until the spring as its rather thin for the current weather and its black which makes me a prime target on the roads. Trip down the local bike shop next to fix a few things on the bike as it has picked up a few faults over winter. It looks like its going to get some serious use this year now.


Cycling blog and adventures training for Ridelondon (2018)

I was contacted by my local small charity.. Revitalise and decided to push the bike out and ride one more time for them.   If you would like to sponsor me for a great cause.. that would be fantastic.

If you are doing Ride London for the first time and have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

A record of all the stupidity on a bike, getting ready for

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