Bike is back.

Well the bike is back, had to get a few spares but all is looking very good. Set the bike up in the garage and gave it a good grease / oil and service. Now as I am old, middle aged and still have a brain like a 12 year old, I have decided to splash out and upgrade. SO… I have ordered one of these babies which will be arriving in the next 4/5 days. The reasons for this are ..

1: I can use the old bike for commuting to work (and the new one for the day rides)
2: The components on the old bike are getting worn now, (and it will be expensive to replace everything)
3: I may sell the old one.
4: I am making excuses just to warrant spending more money on bikes.
5: I am getting old and I am just spending money on more toys.
6: … can’t really think of a sensible reason ?

Will post a photo of the beast once it has arrived and is assembled.

Another great event today was that Marco Pinotti (the fantastic Italian cyclist) re-tweeted one of my requests for sponsorship. I have been following him for a few years now and saw him at the Olympics last year. He is laid up with a busted shoulder at the moment, so wishing him well for a speedy recovery. So a big thankyou to the “cycling Professor” and here is a shot of him at London 2012 ( I recommend his e-book on amazon)

Pinotti ... on the back straight of the London 2010 Olympic time trial

Pinotti … on the back straight of the London 2010 Olympic time trial

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  1. I spent most of my money on bikes, and the rest i wasted. Nice choice with the Canyon, they are very popular in italy too were buyers are very picky and the choices are colango, pinarello, de rosa, etc..etc..

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