Bees and Bikes don’t mix.

Not much training this week, it has been too cold and wet again. I have the usual commutes to work and on the new bike as well. We have had a few breaks in the cloud so my attention has turned to the bees and making sure they are all in good stead during the cold. Regular trips to the apiary at the moment to keep them topped up with sugar (the energy they need to keep themselves going throughout the winter months) Usually this just involves checking the weight of the hive and if it is getting light, add a few blocks of bakers fondant (that white stuff on iced buns) under the roof of the hive. So I decided to combine the cycling with the beekeeping tasks and cycle down to the Apiary to feed them. It was a nice bright evening although a bit cold so the bees should all be asleep. I cut up some fondant ready for the ladies and then realise that I am dressed in Lycra. YELLOW AND BLACK LYCRA !! I must look like some very large bee to them. This is not really going to provide me much protection against a hive of bees.

The Apiary

So the 1st three hives are nice and quiet, just a few cold looking bees who are very welcome for a bit of sugar. The fourth hive, is obviously doing very well as when I pull the lid off, there is an explosion of bees. Obviously pulling the roof off someones house is not going to put them in the best mood. I throw the fondant under the lid and shove the roof back on quickly as I can, but it is too late.

The next scene is of me, making a rapid retreat across the field followed by angry bees. I got a total of 4 stings, which obviously went straight through my cycle clothes. After 100 meters the bees give up and leave me to nurse my wounds. One very painful ride home later and I break out the anti-histamine cream.

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