Anyone for a quick Chukka ?

Well another ride in Windsor Great Park again last night, this time a couple of figure of 8s in the evening sunshine. The great thing about riding in the park are the closed roads, which means you can keep the bike rolling without all the stop, start, stop, start that you get on the main roads. There were a couple of polo games going on so I sat and watched for a bit.

Polo at the Guards polo club - Windsor Great Park

Polo at the Guards polo club – Windsor Great Park

I am not too sure of the rules, but as far as I can tell the idea is to ride around on your horse while trying to break the legs of all the other other players horses with your stick, while trying to avoid your horses legs getting broken by the other players. I was toying with the idea to join in the game for some extra training but I feel I would have upset the champagne brigade who were watching on the opposite side of the pitch (and I didn’t fancy having my Mavic wheels smashed up with a mallet.)

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