The Reigate Sportive.

It was always going to be a hot one. The weather dials were firmly set for HOT and I could tell it was going to be a tough one even though it was early morning. Pete and I threw the bikes in the back of the car and got ourselves to the start. Today’s plan was an 80 mile run out from Reigate out through Kent and back. A rather rolling route with plenty of ups and downs. We got away at about 8:30 and it was not long before the temperature started to climb. Sucking down the water rapidly (we probably went off a bit quick) we got on the back of a reasonably fast group which dragged us along, but overcooked it a bit for my pace.

Left ,right, Left right it twists and turns.

Left ,right, Left right it twists and turns.

The first water stop was a welcome respite from the heat, (now getting up to 25+ degrees and climbing by the hour) We got to the mid section and neither of us were feeling the fun. It was just one of those days where your legs don’t want to turn, every gear change was an effort and each downhill you felt like you were a passenger rather than the rider of the bike. We turned onto the “Mid” route which lowered the distance to 100km (60miles) and made our ways back to the finish at a more leisurely pace. Pete was suffering on the climbs and I was locking up the wheels on the descents – so if things are not going well no point to bash yourself over it.

We got back and consoled ourselves with tea and food.

Ride details are here as usual. (Unbelievably we did score the “Silver” level of achievement in the rankings, even though we felt bad. Things must be improving !!!.)

A ride out in Windsor after work is the plan for tonight and then we have a special weekend coming up. I have signed up for a day out with the big boys.

I will be spending a day with BMC pro rider, Marco Pinotti hoping to learn how to improve my performance on the bike. The day starts with a classroom during which we will be learning about training, preparation and diet. This is then followed by a session on the road, working on technique and style.

Watch this space for videos and a report.

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  1. As you get close to @ridelondon reduce the # of miles quite a bit… The last 10 days just do short rides and seek for well-being …. Avoid getting too tired … Allow time for the recovery

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