Big day tomorrow.

Well here we are, less than 24 hours till the off. The training had been done (we will see if there has been enough tomorrow) The only test is to see I there is 100miles in these old legs. That we will find out tomorrow.

I took the train up to London today and then started a gentle ride across to the Olympic park. (I have booked a cheap hotel near the start) The old streets of London are familiar due my university days. I came across the Ridelondon free cycle route. Closed roads – 8 mile circuit past all the London landmarks so I joined the 1000s of cyclists and did a lap. All sorts of people were filling the roads quiet a few tourists on “Boris Bikes” had decided to join in. Loads of little kids and the world and his wife. Great to see the roads shut and give everyone an excuse to get out and just enjoy the city.

The mini festivals were great at Tower Hill / Green park and St. Paul’s. Loads of fun stuff to do and see.

I broke off the closed roads at Tower Hill – took my life in my hands and rejoined Live traffic and headed out to the Olympic Stadium where my hotel was. The place was full of bikes, seems like everyone is doing the same thing. 🙂

I took a walk to the start line – the Olympic stadium still looks very impressive and I see they are doing some work on the velodrome which will make it available to the public soon I hope. The park is definitely going under some redevelopment – hopefully to make the most of the facilities for the future. I remember seeing the Seoul Stadium of 1988 some 10 years after and it looked like a disused multistory car park. I hope there are better plans for the facilities here.

I am now engaging in some last minute fueling at a pizza stop in the Olympic park. Early start tomorrow – load time of 6:54 start at 7:34 …. Finish time ? Well I let you guess at that.


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  1. all the best mate, take it easy and avoid troubles, it’s just for fun… I’m sure you will do just fine and I wish I was there too

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