Surrey Hills Sunshine Dash

Spring has arrived this week, with the temperature promising to be a balmy 14 degrees, I took a gamble and shot out after work to head down to the Surrey Hills. The legs were suffering as I confess I had larded it up over Christmas and its been a while. The run from Pyford to Ripley was a complete bonus !!. They are repairing 3 of the small bridges that got trashed with the floods earlier this year. This means the road is closed to traffic (but not for pedestrians and cycles) This makes for a very nice couple of miles with “closed roads”. If you get a chance to get on them (its on the 2012 Olympic route) you have about a month or two before they finish the work.

I got up to the top of the downs via Staple Lane, and had a quick 5min break to admire the view. There was a bit of a haze over the main towns of Woking and Guildford, but it was completely clear out towards the smaller villages. It was a nice ride back as the sun was setting, the temperature dropping all the time. All in all a nice round trip of some 65km.

Club ride with Woking CC on Sunday.

Ride details here

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  1. not quite a great day in Tuscany watching Tirreno-Adriatico pass near Florence but a good ride anyway #lovespringbetterseasonforcycling

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