Group Riding.

I nice 100KMs clocked up this week, that takes me to 500.2KM this year. Am happy about that – feeling good on the bike already, the legs haven’t completely forgotten everything it seems.

Training for last years Ridelondon was pretty hard work. It takes a lot of effort to drag yourself out each week and cover the distance as a solo rider. I spent many many hours just me and the bike, going over similar routes in all weather just to get the time in the saddle so I could cover the distance. Its so easy to find excuses to cheat on the distance or time you have done, or make yourself “go up that hill again”.

It is much better to try and find people to ride with. Having a group of riders gives you a load of benefits.

  • You get some protection against the traffic.
  • It is a great motivator to get out. (you don’t want to be the one to no show).
  • You learn skills to ride safely in a big group.
  • You get to find the best coffee/cake stops

Typical club activities are shown in this video.

[youtube= width=”320″ height=”180″]

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