Woking CC – Hill Climb

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So last weekend was the Woking CC – Hill climb, A crazy event where we set off at 2min intervals to blast up a local small hill and see who can get up to the top in the fastest time. Its all friendly competition and the only prize is bragging rights. It was a great, well organised event (kudos to the events committee and official timers etc).

I took number 2 (which was the 1st one off) as I saw there were a few fast guys at the end of the list and I didn’t want the embarrassment of them coming past me at high speed…:-)

The trick with these events are not to go off too fast and make sure you have enough in the tank to maintain a reasonable pace all the way up the hill. I gave it all I had and got up in a time of 4 mins 41secs which put me about 2/3rds down the running. I was perfectly happy with that – me being a fat old guy on a bike. I leave the glory to the youngsters. I did try and provoke a bit of banter and intimidation by sporting the “Polka Dot – King of the Mountains” jersey.

I feel I should hand that over to the real mountain men.

This sunday is the first big ride – Round the Isle of Wight.


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