First ride out… ouch !

I spent the weekend giving the bike a once over. Brakes / Gears / Chain all got an overhaul. Gave it a good clean and sprayed everything that moved with oil. Thought about spraying my legs to see if that would speed them up but its a bit of a pain to get off and it makes the hair on my legs a bit greasy. It was a typical grey February but it wasn’t raining and not much wind so the first chance to get out. The plan was to keep it nice and local (just in case the bike gets a fault) So off I set with enough layers on I must have taken up the whole road with the width of me.

Well after 2 km I was shouting “shut up legs” and fighting the urge to chuck the bike in a ditch and take up a proper sport like “darts” or “chess”. ┬áStill I limped on and tried a local hill. Lets just say I didn’t bust any Strava records !!! and was probably the most painful thing I had done since stuffing myself with mince pies on Christmas day.

A pitiful 23 KM which felt harder than last years Ridelondon’s 160km OUCH !!

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