A longer Ride.

Right … time to slay the demons…. !!!! Stop shouting at the legs and get out there and ride. Today’s exercise is – ride a slower pace but longer distance. Weather is still pretty awful but its hard adding to the mileage total if you are not actually on the bike.

A little jaunt out into the Surrey hills, taking in Staple lane and the countryside nearby. Actually starting to feel much better on the bike and the legs are starting to work again. Felt pretty happy making it up Staple Lane without blowing up and even managed to keep the legs spinning on the return route. Had a bit of an energy fade nearer the end so a small detour to the Hanger Cafe was in order for the obligatory coffee and cake.

Hanger Cafe

The Hanger Cafe

A longer adventure.

A longer adventure.

  • 70.2km
  • 2:59:05 Hours
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