Riding through the cornfields……

Am off the bike for a few weeks, due to work commitments in the USA. (or so I thought). The problem with coming to the USA is I can’t resist all the bad stuff, burgers and fries are my weakness. I pile on a load of weight and it never goes. Luck has it I have sourced a loaner bike which means I can get a few miles in rather than spending the time eating.

With some local knowledge in hand, head down to the farmland areas south of Indianapolis. Now there is not a lot down here, plenty of cornfields and a few homesteads not a lot more. Dialed up a route on the GPS and off we go.

This is very different terrain to Surrey, long straight sections of road all on a grid pattern. You are basically riding North, South, East or West with a field on either side. Lucky the wind was very low otherwise you could be banging your head against an onslaught in this wide open country..

Sunset Ride

Sunset Ride

The Open Road

The Open Road

It was a great ride, timed to perfection as the sun went down just as it came to an end.

Highlights were……

  • The cornfields
  • The crazy dogs that charge out of the farms and force you to speed up or lose an ankle. (great motivation)
  • The lack of traffic (only saw  1 tractor) – it was the size of a house of course and you could cycle between the wheels.
  • Riding into the sunset.
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