Ok – So I have officially gone mad.

I have decided that its time to get out there and crank up some miles and one sure fire way to do this is to start as far away as possible and then cycle back. This means I have no real way of shortening the ride, no bailing out, and if you do decide to shorten the distance on a certain day,  I only have to make it up the next day. RULE 5 !!!

The plan is – Start at the top of Scotland, head south. !! (Well its all downhill right ?)

I will now be doing some route planning, where to stay and what to kit out on the bike. This is unknown territory for me. I know I can ride 100+ miles – BUT can I get up and do it 10 days in a row ? – We shall see.

Next big training rides coming up will be the “Tour de Isle of Wight”  (the Randonee in May) followed by the Cambridgeshire Grand Fondo.(June)


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