Gran Fondo Completed

Well that was a ride, glorious sunshine with clear blue skies. Bikes ready we got out of the starting gate some 30 mins after the front runners. It’s a pan flat course out through the fens but the scenery was beautiful. The brother decided to get his race head on amd got on up the road ahead of us. Craig and I took it a bit easier… and we could not stop smiling when we came across this sad figure by the side of the road.


His pump was a bit knackered, so in true top gear style we decided to leave him and carry on.

Eventually he obviously found some gas from somewhere (I suspect last night’s curry) and he caught us up.

We picked up a few cycle road trains on the way round and the average speed started to climb. The end of this event never seems to come and I was paying the price for trying to be a hero on the front earlier so getting back was a painful last 10k.

Rest day tomorrow and then the brown stuff really hits the spokes.

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