JOGLE – Stage 2



The day started a bit later due to breakfast only being served from 7:30am. Full English again, and James had his 1st taste of Black Pudding. We set off about 8:30 and made reasonable progress to Bonar Bridge where we had to stop for the obligatory silly photo


We pressed on to Dingwell for coffee and brunch (this is essential to keep the fuel up) There was some tough hills to get over before we eventually dropped down to the shores of Loch Ness where we met up with the support driver for a few coffees.


The road down to Fort Augustus was pretty hectic (loads of tourist traffic and timber trucks) ┬ábut it was a nice 20 mile ride along the Loch where we checked into Morags Hostel – very cheap and full of interesting people. We have a 6 man dorm to ourselves, but apparently there is one other sharing.

I pity the poor individual that has to wake up the smell of us lot (and the sight of his Lordship applying more butt butter)

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