Last time ?.. honest.

Yes we are back !!

Whats happening people ? Yes we are all a year older and hopefully we are still riding bicycles. So whats been going on I hear you ask ?.

Yes I am stupidly Riding London again !. Alas I did not get into the ballot this year. I must stop myself from “signing up” in the warm glow of completing the event. Its so easy to forget how many hours on the bike you need to get ready to “enjoy” rather than “endure” the event.

I was contacted by my local small charity.. Revitalise and decided to push the bike out and ride one more time for them.   If you would like to sponsor me for a great cause.. that would be fantastic.

And so it begins……

The weather has been horrendous so far this year, and I am getting old enough to not enjoy banging my head in the freezing hail / snow / ice. So time on the actual bike has been limited so far. I have clocked up some time in the gym instead.

May I thoroughly recommend the GCN training videos on youtube ! 30-40 mins of those bad boys everyday should have done wonders for my off season fitness. (we shall see)

So far I have done plenty of 8km commutes and then a few longer Saturday Socials with the club. This weekend it looks like the weather is going to break, and so a longer ride into the hills is planned. Lets see if I can remember how to ride the thing for a “half a Ridelondon.”

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