No ride this weekend

No chance to really get out on the bike this weekend, it came back from the workshop yesterday and it’s just too cold out there; with this bitter wind it’s basically dangerous. I see they cancelled the 66th edition of Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne due to bad weather. SO I don’t feel too bad about not getting out. (any excuse to watch the Rugby).

The lovely Sian Lloyd, TV weather girl extraordinaire, re-tweeted my sponsorship page so MANY thanks to her for that, SO please check out her website.

The lovely Siân Lloyd

The lovely Siân Lloyd

Bike is back.

Well the bike is back, had to get a few spares but all is looking very good. Set the bike up in the garage and gave it a good grease / oil and service. Now as I am old, middle aged and still have a brain like a 12 year old, I have decided to splash out and upgrade. SO… I have ordered one of these babies which will be arriving in the next 4/5 days. The reasons for this are ..

1: I can use the old bike for commuting to work (and the new one for the day rides)
2: The components on the old bike are getting worn now, (and it will be expensive to replace everything)
3: I may sell the old one.
4: I am making excuses just to warrant spending more money on bikes.
5: I am getting old and I am just spending money on more toys.
6: … can’t really think of a sensible reason ?

Will post a photo of the beast once it has arrived and is assembled.

Another great event today was that Marco Pinotti (the fantastic Italian cyclist) re-tweeted one of my requests for sponsorship. I have been following him for a few years now and saw him at the Olympics last year. He is laid up with a busted shoulder at the moment, so wishing him well for a speedy recovery. So a big thankyou to the “cycling Professor” and here is a shot of him at London 2012 ( I recommend his e-book on amazon)

Pinotti ... on the back straight of the London 2010 Olympic time trial

Pinotti … on the back straight of the London 2010 Olympic time trial

Broken bike

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, I got caught out at a junction and due to some evasive action the chain jammed in the front derailleur. Nasty sounds and a big clunk meant the whole front mech was in a bit of a state. Managed to jury rig the gear into something I could get home on but the bike is now in the workshop. Looks like a new front mech is needed and there are a few other faults (headset bearings and the gear cables are shot) So I will get it repaired and get me back on the road ASAP. Half tempted to upgrade and use the current bike as a run around / commuter. Will have to check the bank balance before I make that decision.

20 miles after work.

Well, a few days of just the normal commute to work. There was a break in the weather so I took the opportunity to take in a 20mile ride after work. The route has some nice hills and climbs (which I need to get some practice on). Things are getting much easier the more time I spend on the bike. Have signed up for a number of sportives which start soon. So check back for some photos and updates on these soon.