Swifty Be Swift !

Well I took a chance on a tweet this week and went out to see if I could hook up with Ben Swift who was out on a training ride in Esher apparently. It was pretty cold this morning and I was in two minds about dragging my sorry ass out of bed and on the bike. BUT.. its the chances to do stuff like that makes you get up. Stuck the bike on the back of the car, and drove over to Esher. It was a bit of a nightmare because there was a Triathlon expo at the race course as as well as an Evans Sportive event so the place was crawling with cyclists, bikes and runners (funny did not see anyone in speedos – maybe because it was 2 degrees) I took a punt on the fact that if I was doing a ride, I would be heading out towards the Surrey Cycle Way. I kept the pace slow to give Team Sky a chance to catch up (sarcastic tone of voice there). Well was not long before a group of about 30 pick me up with Ben Swift at the front on his Pinarello. I nodded as they came alongside and tucked into the group about halfway back. Was great to ride along with them for about an hour before a I peeled off and headed back to the car. I definitely got a work out, not so much the distance traveled but more the constant pace. I tend to take it a bit easy up the inclines so I don’t kill myself over the distance but these guys don’t even see the hills. Well a nice little ride out and due to my helmet cam being on hand I got this footage. Good Luck to Ben and Team Sky for the 2013 season.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LNPNX0PIgtI width=”320″ height=”180″]

Ben Swift of Team Sky

Ben Swift of Team Sky

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  1. Nice video, riding in a group in a nice country side is what makes this sport the one I really like

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