Tired Legs

A gentle 2 hour ride yesterday. It was cold again with a freezing wind. I did have legs like lead (probably to do with yesterdays ride – see blog entry below- and the fact its hard to get warmed up with the weather so cold) I found some nice quiet roads at the back of Tadley / Reading and just turned the legs over for an hour and a half. The smell of an open fire at a country pub was too much of a temptation and I stopped for a full on cheeseburger with chunky chips. They had one of those huge fires going and I sat in front of it for an hour to warm up. (I have to confess the pint of Tanglefoot ale did wonders to remove any aches from my thigh muscles). Now here comes the disclaimer: getting back on the bike after a sit down like that is always doubly painful. Your legs really don’t want to work (they would rather be sitting by the fire, full of burger and chips – and you can’t blame them for that) I continued on for another hour and a half and with the temperature dropping a few more degrees as the sun started to drop, I headed back to the car.

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