Woking Bikeathon.

Sunday 18th of May was a bit of a mixed bag on the cycling front. I have at last fixed the issue with the shifters, which forced me to use the spare bike for the Isle Of Wight Randonnee.. The gear cable had frayed into the ratchet so this involved some micro-surgery with a pair of long nosed pliers and a cable cutter. I now have a nice new gear cable fitted and the gears adjusted correctly and with a good dose of oil everything seems to be working good as new. I planned to take it out on a club ride but due to some last minute messing about with indexing on the gears I missed the 8am start. I decided to instead to do a gentle spin with the Woking Bikeathon. A yearly charity ride (which conveniently starts in the same place as our club rides)


Choice of 2 routes, medium which was 17 miles and the long which was about 30. There was allsorts of people out; tandems, kids on mountain bikes, a few road cyclists and plenty of fun riders. I nipped round the 30 mile course in about an hour and a half as it was fairly flat. My average speed was pretty high, as there is always someone to “chase” just in front. I paid for this on the way back and had nothing left in the legs to get me home. I met up with Bikeswanky at checkpoint 1 and we got to pose for the local paper. I have no idea if it got published, but will post a photo if it is.

Ride details here.

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