Sunshine, Surrey Hills and Wales and back.

Well a few more cycling updates, need to get some longer rides in as there is little more than 2 months to go till the 100miles. A few runs after work to keep the legs going.

I played about with the Garmin 510 course creator and planned out a little jaunt to circumvent Bracknell. It was not a bad ride, although the traffic was a bit busy in certain areas. (I will tweak the route to iron out the busy bits)

Bracknell Randonnee

A few long rides out in Windsor park as well during the week, when I got the chance. The usual long loops while enjoying the polo matches, deer and wildlife. (its not all about burning a sweat every ride you know.) Nice to just tick over and enjoy the greenery for a bit.

Sunday Club Run

Last weekend was a glorious weather forecast and I saddled up for an excursion to the Surrey Hills with the usual Woking CC crowd. Quite a few rides out as it was wall to wall sunshine and blue skies. Nice group of 10 of us made some great progress over the downs and up Leith Hill (from the Prudential Ride London Route “Steep” side). Then the crazy descent all the way to Shere, where the obligatory Coffee and Cake stop at our usual tea room haunt. The club motto is not “Velo et Gateaux” for nothing !!! you know.

Last few days I have been down in Avonmouth, Severn Valley Firetraining and rescue center. A couple of fun days running into burning buildings and dragging out dummies. I took the bike along for a an evening ride after training. The roads are fantastic for cycling along the Severn. All single track roads cut between fields and small holdings. The tarmac was is good state and I think I got passed by a total of 3 cars on a 50km ride- heaven.


The wind died down into the late evening and I clocked up a nice distance, including a jaunt over the bridge into Wales. (and no you dont have to pay) You only have to find the service road which leads to the pedestrian / bike route over the bridge.

The 2nd Severn Crossing from the 1st.

The 2nd Severn Crossing from the 1st.

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