Surrey Half Marathon

A few sessions on the turbo, trying to get the legs working and they still seem to be sleeping. They need to get going soon as I have a little project planned that will either kill or cure them. But first a gentle spin out to check the bike is in good working order from over the winter, a perfect opportunity presented itself with the annual Surrey Half Marathon which traditionally Woking CC helps out by marshaling on bikes. It was supposed to be a fairly nice day for March, but at 7am when I left the house it was freezing. We got to the start and got radioed up, and we marshaled the runners around the course. There was a lot of backwards and forwards picking up water / sending messages and general helping out. The sun came out later and even tried to warm things up a bit. The race though was a a bit of a one man event. Check out the footage of the front of the race.

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