A ride out with the Saturday Social.

Its still cold for March, freezing in fact, but you need to get out there. Time for a spin with the Woking CC Saturday Social group. The best part of cycling is the camaraderie and the  joys of riding as a group. The Woking CC Saturday social are the epitome of this. It was great to get out and just ride out with like minded people on quiet roads and at a gentle pace. A wonderful spin out to the local coffee stop, where we chatted about bikes and the usual.While we were at the coffee stop we we a bit bemused by a Saxon Warrior, complete with shield , spear and iPhone pacing up and down (obviously looking for something) After a few taps on his phone a bunch of cars turn up and next thing we know we have an army of Saxon warriors, with enough sharp pointy objects (and iPhones) to start a small war. They had all the gear, clothes and weaponry and it really did look like the dark ages out there. After a while they all disappeared into the woods. I guess they were honing their ancient skills.


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