Surrey Hills – Leg Smash

A break in the weather at last and its a chance to get out. Friday is a holiday in the UK and in-between the storms and rain there was a brief window of sunshine. A few of the Woking CC members had the same idea for a ride out into the Surrey hills. This would be the first real test of the legs for the year and I was no looking forward to it. The initial 10 km was reasonably flat and not too tricky to hang onto the group but then we hit the hills. The group exploded and we all went into survival mode (well I certainly did). I dragged myself up and down the hills and eventually we made it to Peaslake and we stopped for a “cheese straw” and a coffee. At least the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. The group mutinied and those of us with not enough miles in the legs took the more direct route home while those who had been on the bike over the winter took a longer route back. I made it back with my legs and body definitely aware of the workout. – A lovely 90 km but was a tough day out.

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