Bike Maintainence

Have not been on the bike after completing the JOGLE. Not really had the inclination after spending 11 solid days on the thing. Instead my mind turned to some bike maintaince. The bike took a bit of a battering over the 1000 miles. (as did I ) Some torn muscles in the left ankle which was proving pretty painful, and a bit of a knee issue due to twisting my leg (not bike related). The bike also has a stretched chain, worn brake blocks, some indexing and brake cable adjustments are required.

The bits all arrived last week so I spent the morning stripping the steed down and doing a complete service. Things always seem to go wrong after you have messed about with everything, so I took it out for a gentle spin.

All seems good and it should be in great shape for Ridelondon – not sure I will be in “great shape”, but we shall see….

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