27th of Feb to the 12th of March:

St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay - Wainwright's Coast to Coast | Self Guided  with Walk the Trail

I ran 14.18km this time which means I have 9.2km to go before reaching Rothswaite. This was because I found it difficult as I had returned to England. However, I am looking forward to reaching Rothswaite next week.

I am aiming to run this weekend and try to get in the km before a busy week back. This term I am also partly a weekly boarder which means I am able to reside at my Grandma’s on the weekends and complete longer runs.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me by donating so far! It honestly means the world to me. Macmillan is such a fabulous charity and I am sure I will continue to work with them after this challenge has been completed.

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