Return to school

Hi everyone,

I last posted before I went on holiday to Bude. I am sorry for the lack of posts over the 11 days, there was intermittent WIFI and frantic packing as I got ready for the return to school. Before I begin with the kilometre stats, as I said before I am currently at school therefore getting in the kilometres is more challenging. Thankfully, in two weeks I will be off on Exeat with my friend Tilly and we are planning on doing a walk considering all is well with her broken foot. In about five weeks is my half term, meaning that my challenge will be over. However, I am hoping to extend it for the half term week if need be. Here is the link to Macmillan’s page if you would like to see what your money or support is doing to aid this great charity.

Okay enough about me, so this time we virtually ventured another 51.34km along the coast to coast path.  Bringing us to a new total of 161.88km.

With only 131.12km to go, here is where we have been.

Where I have been virtually on the last post

Hi, So according to this plan  , since last I wrote I have virtually run through the beautiful villages of Grasmere, Patterdale and Shap. The first village I ran through was the lovely village of Grasmere. It has many shops, pubs and cafes. You can visit William Wordsworth’s grave in the churchyard and buy some yummy yummy Grasmere Gingerbread. There are lot’s of popular walks some of which that follow the Red Bank Road and follow the shore towards Rydal Water. There are no motor boats nearby so the lake is a fabulous place to swim, kayak and maybe even row. Boats are available for hire in the summer time.   Next I passed through the quaint village of Patterdale.
Close to Glenridding by Ullswater, this village is perfect for walking especially during the summer months. There are so many trails around the village, ranging in trails for different abilities. The views from the top are incredible.   The final village I visited on my virtual adventures was Shap. The area of Shap was extensively settled in the Neolithic times.  In the 1980’s it ran dry. The beautiful valley is most definitely worth visiting. About half a mile to the west of the village there is the Shap Abbey you can visit.  The Shap Summit is the highest point on the west coast rail. It also has a market Cross which dates back to 1687.  It is now used as the building for the Local History Society’s Heritage Centre. Famous for its granite, the pink polished granite is found in many of UK’s buildings like outside St Pau’s Cathedral. Shap - Village in Penrith - Visit Lake District

Happy Easter! April is here!!


Okay so these last few weeks I have been staying with my Grandmas and getting in lot’s of exercise. I have done 50.12km since I last wrote.  This takes the total kilometres up to 110.54km so far. Meaning that I have 182.46 km left to complete with over 2 months to go.

My runs so far
I would love to thank everyone who has helped me out so far. We have raised so much more than I previously thought possible.

I completed this walk yesterday as part of the 110.54 km.

School Life


I am aware it has been over two weeks since I last posted. Since last I wrote, I have gone back to boarding school. This last week has been super fun but also crazy busy. Last two weeks I managed to complete 28.57km. I have a feeling it will be a similar amount of running the next week as this week, so maybe around half of what I have run the last two weeks.

However, Easter is coming up and therefore, I will have 3 weeks to run, walk and catch up on the missed kilometres.

Thank you so much to those who have already supported me on my just giving page and for the words of encouragement I have been receiving. We already hit my original target. I have now raised the bar to £586 (2 pounds a kilometre).  For those of you new to the website I would love it if you could check out my other pages and the just giving page. (

Here is what I have been up to.

This brings my total up to 53.57/293km with a little over 3 months to go. Anyway this week, I ran 28.57km which means that I have passed Rosthwaite. Which is 26km from my previous destination of Ennerdale Bridge. It is mountainous and located between Derwent and Stonethwaite Beck. An ideal place to walk, with spectacular scenery and distinctive river features. It looks like a peaceful place to run/ walk in and I hope to be able to visit one day.