The Final Chapter.


So we have made it. After months of running and walking, it is crazy to believe that it is over. Before I tell you about where I have been, I thought that I would share a photo with you. This is my Grandad, sister and I, we are messing around on the patio of my home, in Belgium. This was taken a few months before he passed, just before we went on our final holiday to Greece. While I have some great photos of him there, I do not think he would be too happy as he didn’t really like photos of himself. 

I came across this photo recently when I began to think about this challenge ending. I just wanted to reiterate my thank you’s for all the amazing support that I have received throughout my challenge. I am so delighted that I can do something to help Macmillan.

This time I ran/walked 12.77km. This means I have completed my challenge and a little extra. Let’s just say I took an extra detour to get a virtual ice-cream at the end 🙂

Robin Hood’s Bay, the final destination is an old fishing village on the Heritage coast. It has a fantastic sandy beach as well as rock pools and ancient fossils. It really is a beautiful place to end the journey.

Robin Hood's Bay - Yorkshire Coast | Welcome to Yorkshire

Finishing the challenge over some magnificent cliff tops. I can’t wait to one day be there in person.

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