The Challenge of Quarantine

St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay - Wainwright's Coast to Coast | Self Guided  with Walk the Trail

This week I have not been able to complete the full 25km due to being in quarantine from Monday to Friday. I am testing to release early in order to go back to boarding school on Sunday. However, I am aiming to run this weekend and try to get in the km before a busy week back. This term I am also being a weekly boarder which means I am able to reside at my Grandma’s on the weekends and complete longer runs.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me by donating so far, I can’t believe I am so close to hitting my target already!  With a little less than three months to go (23/05), I better get running.  I hope to one day complete this run.

Next I will be running from Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite. Situated 6 miles (9.656km) south of Keswick. It is located in a gorgeous valley and has mountains and rivers.

Here is some more information that you might find interesting.

On my way: First 25 km down

A Coast to Coast Walk - Alfred Wainwright's classic walk across Northern England


So this week I have run 25km.  Starting the journey off at St Bees I passed through Cleator before reaching the bridge. St Bees is a village on the west coast of Cumbria. With long sandy beaches and nearby St Bees Head which is the start of the wainwright coast to coast. With giant red sandstone which is used for many Cumbrian buildings. The first part of the Coast to Coast path was along the clifftop. The path continues through Cleator on the way to Ennerdale, a small village in the UK and spans over the River Ehen. Situated in Cumbria it contains one of the largest forests there.  It is a popular stop off point on the Wainwright path.

Here is some extra information on St bees: 

Here is some extra information of Ennerdale Bridge

Here is a rough outline of the route I will be following:

Virtual walk UK coast to coast Wainwright footpath


For my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award,  I am virtually running 293km, coast to coast along the Wainwright footpath. My aim is to raise 586 pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support, 2 pounds per kilometre. Macmillan Cancer Support are a fantastic charity who took great care of my Grandad in his

final months. I will be updating this site every week, my aim is to run 25km a week and then plot my progress onto a map of the country. I will be giving some background info on the places I visit as well.

Here is the link to the Just Giving website where you can donate.