22nd of April to the 29th of April

Hi everyone,

I have now completed another 21.12km which means I made it to Reeth. 

Reeth can be found in the North of Yorkshire. It is the primary settlement of upper Swaledale. Which one of the northernmost valleys in Yorkshire Dales national Park. It is said that in the Saxon times, Reeth was the only settlement on the edge of the forest. However, when it came to the Norman conquest it had grown a lot. 

Reeth - Wikipedia

Reeth, Yorkshire Dales

Imagine spending some time here. The thought of running through here in the future amazes me. It is so beautiful and tranquil. Another thing I am loving about this is that I am getting to explore some of England’s beautiful countrysides and villages. I am British but I grew up abroad so I am loving this adventure as it allows me to see parts of Britain which I would not usually see when visiting family. Something I discovered recently which amused me was the fact that horses can roam free in the New Forest. In the places I have lived before I came to boarding school in the UK, I had never seen anything like.

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