Return to school

Hi everyone,

I last posted before I went on holiday to Bude. I am sorry for the lack of posts over the 11 days, there was intermittent WIFI and frantic packing as I got ready for the return to school. Before I begin with the kilometre stats, as I said before I am currently at school therefore getting in the kilometres is more challenging. Thankfully, in two weeks I will be off on Exeat with my friend Tilly and we are planning on doing a walk considering all is well with her broken foot. In about five weeks is my half term, meaning that my challenge will be over. However, I am hoping to extend it for the half term week if need be. Here is the link to Macmillan’s page if you would like to see what your money or support is doing to aid this great charity.

Okay enough about me, so this time we virtually ventured another 51.34km along the coast to coast path.  Bringing us to a new total of 161.88km.

With only 131.12km to go, here is where we have been.

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