My Journey this Time

Shap to Orton, Orton to Kirkby Stephen and Kirkby Stephen to Keld

A small market village called Orton is where I found myself next virtually arriving at. Orton | Visit Cumbria

Established in the reign of Edward the first during the 13th Century it looks out over views of Orton Scar and Howgills. At the south end of the village there are two halls. Passing through the village, Wainwrights Coast to Coast walk makes Orton a great stop before the longer stretch towards Kirkby Stephen. Castle Folds, not far behind Orton Scar is a small fort constructed during the Scottish raids to hold cattle. One of the founders of the Quakers, George Whitehead was born in Orton in 1636.

Next we virtually ventured 20 more km from Orton to Kirkby Stephen.

Kirkby Stephen like Orton is also a market town. It lies at the head of Eden Valley, to the south east. Croglam Castle contains examples of pre-historic earthworks and is found on the southern edge of town. If you are a big fan of Merlin (like me) or the Arthurian legend, be sure to check out the Pendragon Castle in Matterstang.Pendragon Castle - Wikipedia

Although not as impressive as the one in the tv series, the ruins of the castle that were founded by Uther Pendragon have their own story. When the saxon invaders poisoned the well, Uther and a hundred of his men were killed there. Not only this but there are claims that Romans built at least temporary forts around the area.  If you would like to read more about it click here. Please do however note that if visiting in person, the castle is on private land, eventhough access is permitted be careful. (despite recent restoration it could potentially be dangerous)

Due to Wainwrights walk passing through the town, there are lots of facilities on offer to the visitors.

Despite me counting every week. I seemed to have miss calculated it would seem that we have also reached Keld if I follow this programme.

At some point on this adventure, traveling a further 23 km. We found ourselves virtually in Keld. Keld is a small village situated near the Hartley fell. It looks picturesque from the photos, however there was very little information on the place itself. It seems to have everything we would need to rest up for the night before another 20km from Keld to Reeth.

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