Helping out the Surrey Half Marathon

Surrey Half Marathon

Surrey Half Marathon

Weather is looking better today, and its an early start to get down to Woking. The club are helping out with the Surrey Half Marathon. For some mad reason I volunteered to help out with the 1st recce group. I think the reason I signed up for this was the advantage that they close the roads for the runners, and I would get to ride the course with 13 miles of closed roads. We got our little group of 4 riders and the controller drops the bombshell that the roads shut at 8am… and he wants us to ride the full course and be back for 8:45am for the start at 9am. Well it was eventually ten past eight by the time we got out onto the course and the pace was punishing. The guys did a great job of pulling me round, especially as I had to radio in our position every couple of miles and the status of the course. I have no idea what they heard down at the control centre but I am sure it was pretty garbled with me blowing my lungs out, while trying to hang onto the back of what effectively was a team time trial,

We got round just about in time and I sloped off to refuel, as they sent us back out to marshal a number of cars and checkpoints. All in all it was a very tiring day and my Strava map looks like a plate of spaghetti.

A longer Ride.

Right … time to slay the demons…. !!!! Stop shouting at the legs and get out there and ride. Today’s exercise is – ride a slower pace but longer distance. Weather is still pretty awful but its hard adding to the mileage total if you are not actually on the bike.

A little jaunt out into the Surrey hills, taking in Staple lane and the countryside nearby. Actually starting to feel much better on the bike and the legs are starting to work again. Felt pretty happy making it up Staple Lane without blowing up and even managed to keep the legs spinning on the return route. Had a bit of an energy fade nearer the end so a small detour to the Hanger Cafe was in order for the obligatory coffee and cake.

Hanger Cafe

The Hanger Cafe

A longer adventure.

A longer adventure.

  • 70.2km
  • 2:59:05 Hours

Ride out with the newcomers….

So back to basics, today. A ride out with the Woking CC newcomers. !!

Woking CC runs a introduction ride for people who are just starting out. Turn up on whatever machine you have and we do a very gentle ride out around the local lanes with the usual coffee and cake. My plan was to “help out” and do my usual back marker role of helping if anyone has a problem. My actual plan was to see if I can hang on and get round. Was great to meet up with Julian (who was leading the ride) and was good to get out and cycle in a group after my last solo efforts.

I think I managed to hide the fact I was blowing up the hills and had legs like lead for most of it.

35KM at a very gentle pace. – slowly slowly catchee monkey.

Velo et Gateaux

Velo et Gateaux

First ride out… ouch !

I spent the weekend giving the bike a once over. Brakes / Gears / Chain all got an overhaul. Gave it a good clean and sprayed everything that moved with oil. Thought about spraying my legs to see if that would speed them up but its a bit of a pain to get off and it makes the hair on my legs a bit greasy. It was a typical grey February but it wasn’t raining and not much wind so the first chance to get out. The plan was to keep it nice and local (just in case the bike gets a fault) So off I set with enough layers on I must have taken up the whole road with the width of me.

Well after 2 km I was shouting “shut up legs” and fighting the urge to chuck the bike in a ditch and take up a proper sport like “darts” or “chess”. ┬áStill I limped on and tried a local hill. Lets just say I didn’t bust any Strava records !!! and was probably the most painful thing I had done since stuffing myself with mince pies on Christmas day.

A pitiful 23 KM which felt harder than last years Ridelondon’s 160km OUCH !!